Running Analysis

Improve Your Movement with Motion & Running Analysis

Have you heard of Motion & Running Analysis? It is a state-of-the-art technology that we are very excited to offer at Movement Physiotherapy & Performance.

Founded at the Harvard Innovation Lab, this innovative equipment is used to track and analyze body movements and mechanics, in order to evaluate overall motion and detect areas that may be in need of improvement.

Motion & Running Analysis can be used for any type of patient, from an athlete looking to improve their form to an elder looking to improve their balance.

To learn more about this advanced form of technology and how it could benefit you, contact Movement Physiotherapy & Performance today to consult with one of our Uniontown, PA physical therapists!


What should I know about Motion & Running Analysis?

As stated by the EuMotus website, “Founded at the Harvard Innovation Lab in 2015, EuMotus was born out of a desire to leverage the latest technological advances to create a system that can empower athletes and patients to move better, train smarter, and heal faster.”

At Movement Physiotherapy & Performance, those are the same values and principles that we try to employ within our treatment plans, which is why we are so happy to be able to offer this type of movement analysis to our patients.

With Motion & Running Analysis, our Uniontown, PA physical therapists are better able to provide the necessary treatments for our patients by using this technology to track any problem areas with movement.

Proper body mechanics are extremely important when it comes to pain management and physical enhancement, and this technology has proven instrumental in providing PTs with the information needed to help patients achieve the proper body mechanics for their needs/goals.

Get started with Motion & Running Analysis Today

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At our Uniontown, PA physical therapy practice, we can help you discover if Motion & Running Analysis is right for you, and get you started on the best possible treatment plan for your specific needs!


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