Biofeedback (KMotion3d)

How biofeedback technology can improve your sports performance

Are you a golfer or baseball player looking to level up your performance and improve your swing? At Movement Physiotherapy & Performance in Uniontown, PA, we offer a unique, technological-driven solution: KMotion3D.

KMotion is a cloud-based training tool that measures your movements, assesses your specific characteristics, and provides detailed reports tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. Our experts at Movement Physiotherapy & Performance are certified to provide coaching using the KMotion system, and we’re excited to work with you one-on-one to show you how this technology can lead to real results!


How KMotion 3D works

The KMotion system uses software and hardware to measure your movements and provide real-time feedback. When using the system, you wear a handful of small, unobtrusive sensors around your back and pelvis–those sensors will speak to the software program and allow it to analyze your motion.

And how does the system analyze your motion? By using biofeedback–you’ll see and hear notifications on the screen indicating all manner of data about your posture, body position, and movements. If something in your body isn’t lining up right with the programmed software, the system will alert you with both sounds and images, allowing you to correct yourself in the moment. Ultimately, those proper movement patterns will become second nature.

If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry: At Movement Physiotherapy & Performance, we’re certified Level 1 K-Coaches and incorporate the KMotion technology into our physical therapy practice. We’ll show you how to apply the sensors and program the software for your needs–and then we’ll apply hands-on physical therapy principles to ensure you’re properly correcting your movements and getting the most out of the technology.

While KMotion was initially designed to evaluate swings for golfers and baseball players, the biofeedback technology can be applied to any movement to ensure you’re training correctly and executing the perfect workout. So even if you’re not a golfer, KMotion at Movement Physiotherapy & Performance can still be tremendously beneficial!

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At Movement Physiotherapy & Performance in Uniontown, PA, our goal is to help you see real results in your workouts and sports performance. If you want to learn more about how this cutting-edge biofeedback technology can take your game to the next level, request an appointment with Movement Physiotherapy & Performance today.


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