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Pain can be expected occasionally. Pain is usually an alarm signaling your body to some type of irritation or potential injury. For example, you could be sore from overexertion or stubbed your toe on furniture. Most of the time, it will go away on its own, or you can take Tylenol or ibuprofen and continue your day. Unfortunately, some people’s pain does not resolve, resulting in chronic pain. A specific type of chronic pain accompanied by fatigue, mood changes, or irregular sleep patterns may indicate fibromyalgia, a chronic illness.

Seeking the assistance of one of our highly skilled physical therapists is the key to managing or resolving your chronic pain.

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What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a syndrome that affects approximately 5% of the global population, primarily women over the age of 50. This chronic illness is distinguished by generalized chronic musculoskeletal pain (lasting more than three months) and hypersensitive (painful) tender points throughout the body.

Despite extensive research, no definitive cause or pathophysiology for FM has yet been identified. Some doctors believe it is caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system, the body’s response to stress. This theory makes sense because people usually develop their first fibromyalgia symptoms after experiencing a physically or emotionally traumatic event, but it has never been scientifically proven.

People with FM frequently experience psychosomatic symptoms, such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances (waking unrefreshed)
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Cognitive dysfunction (brain fog)
  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal disorders

Fibromyalgia patients typically report a reduction or loss of functional capacity as well as a lower quality of life.

What techniques does Movement Physiotherapy & Performance use to treat this condition?


According to recent research, while there is no single treatment for fibromyalgia, a multimodal approach is effective in the short term. To improve your overall quality of life, the most effective interventions emphasize patient education on central pain management and working to increase physical activity.

Most treatment strategies include a multidisciplinary approach that includes medications, lifestyle changes, and other complementary methods such as physical therapy and alternative treatment techniques (i.e., acupuncture, massage, etc.)

Our treatments at Movement Physiotherapy & Performance emphasize a whole-body approach that addresses the physical, mental, and emotional components of health and well-being. We offer personalized, effective treatments for both long-term symptom management and regaining optimum body function.

Our Uniontown, PA physical therapists will assess your physical abilities, review your medical history, and discuss your current symptoms in order to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

To relieve your pain and promote healing, we may use heat treatments or other pain-relieving modalities. Our hands-on treatments will utilize targeted techniques such as trigger point therapy, soft tissue massage, and gentle stretching.

As you improve, we will modify your treatments to emphasize recovery and functional ability. This may include muscle strengthening, mobility work, and low-impact cardiovascular exercises.

Our programs emphasize pain reduction, anxiety reduction, and symptom catastrophization techniques to improve functionality and quality of life!

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A combination of low-impact cardiovascular exercises, gentle stretching, and strengthening exercises can relieve widespread pain, boost energy, improve sleep, and boost mood. People can manage their pain and improve their functioning when combined with patient education and cognitive behavioral therapies.

Our Uniontown, PA physical therapy services can help you find relief from even the most severe fibromyalgia symptoms, no matter where you are on your fibromyalgia journey.

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