Our Team



(Head of Human Relations, Patient Satisfaction)

Coconut, affectionately referred to as “Coco Baby,” is the head of Human Relations, Patient Satisfaction. Coconut takes her responsibilities very seriously. She helps employees with documentation and finishing their lunches. She loves greeting new patients and offering them a friendly cuddle. Coconut prides herself on consecutively winning Employee of the Month every month since first starting with Movement Physiotherapy & Performance in Uniontown, PA. Coconut can usually be found helping patients complete their exercises, as long as they give her belly rubs between sets. Coco enjoys coming to work everyday not just for the belly rubs and cuddles but also for all of the delicious treats her friends like to bring her. Coconut’s least favorite responsibility is keeping her younger, big brother Buddy in line. It’s a tough job, but Coconut is always up for the challenge!!