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Movement Physiotherapy & Performance in Uniontown, PA

It is our mission at Movement Physiotherapy & Performance in Uniontown, PA to provide the highest standard of Physical therapy to our patients to improve health and wellness in our community. Whether it’s an old or new condition, we strive to find solutions that provide immediate and long-term relief.

As part of our holistic and results-oriented approach to physical therapy, our physical therapists treat the whole person. We tailor each session to meet your individual needs in order to resolve your pain and functional limitations as quickly as possible. We use treatments that have previously been shown to be effective at treating pain and improving mobility.

We are all aware that the current medical system is not always effective at determining the root cause of a problem. Unfortunately, the majority of treatments rely on medication or surgery. Despite technological advances, the focus is frequently on treating symptoms rather than identifying the root cause and providing long-term solutions.

We provide care that is centered on the patient. Our physical therapists will begin with a thorough evaluation that includes a detailed history and movement evaluation. Our specialists understand the interconnectedness of the human body and are skilled at identifying all of the factors that contribute to your specific situation.

Our high-quality, research-backed, and patient-centered treatments focus on identifying and resolving the underlying cause rather than just treating the symptoms, allowing you to achieve the long-term and permanent relief you deserve!

If you are in pain, have a recent injury, or are recovering

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Are You Looking To Expand Your Career In Physical Therapy?

Movement Physiotherapy & Performance Is Hiring In Uniontown, PA! Are You Our Next Skilled Physical Therapist?

Do you want to advance your physical therapy career? You might have discovered your new job at Movement Physiotherapy & Performance!

Movement Physiotherapy & Performance strives to provide life-changing results to all of our patients at our physical therapy clinic Uniontown, PA. If you meet the following requirements, you should apply to join our physical therapist team:

  • You value the opportunity to provide evidence-based physical therapy services while learning new skills and staying up to date on best practices.
  • You want to work with a fantastic team of committed therapists in a patient-centered environment.
  • You want to be a part of a rapidly expanding team that regularly celebrates one another’s accomplishments.

Do you want to be a part of a professional, dedicated, and caring physical therapy team that is impacting the lives of people in your community? If yes, Movement Physiotherapy & Performance might be the place for you Uniontown, PA.